Supplementary School

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This is a weekend based supplementary school aimed at children aged 5 – 13 that helps and provides support to more than 35 Somali children every year with school work as well as providing additional class based lessons in Mathematics and English.
The Supplementary School is a present and successful service which has been established and developed gaining the trust of the community and teaching more than 40 children every year to date.

We deliver the programme through qualified and experienced staff supported by volunteers to add capacity to the class to provide 1-1 attention to individuals – all our staff / volunteers are Somalis, therefore we can accommodate the specific cultural, language and gender needs required to work with the Somali community without which they will not participate and will miss out thus continuing this trend of non-achievement in education.

The Project delivers 2 classes at York Gardens Library.

  • The classes run every Saturday from 11am – 2pm (3 hours of study support per class)
  • Accommodates 12 – 15 pupils per class


  • Improving the behaviour and educational attainments of the children, aims also at parents by promoting parental engagement and support for children’s education through seminar and work shop based activities for parents.
  • Encouraging children to take part in recreational and social activities available in the wider community