Health Projects

Psycho-Educational Workshops

The Managing Health and Wellbeing for You and your Family workshops were initiated based on the need for better understanding and raising awareness of mental health issues within the local Somali community. However, like many other ethnic minority communities in the UK, there is intense stigma surrounding the issue of mental health and negative perceptions of persons who suffer from mental health problems.

Additionally, there is a lack of knowledge about where to access services and resources to support people suffering from mental health problems within the local community, as demonstrated in the feedback from attendees. Combined with stigma and lack of knowledge about services on offer, language is another barrier for this community in accessing services. All these issues inform the help seeking patterns displayed by the Somali community in accessing local physical and mental health services during periods of distress. Like so many other ethnic minority groups across the country, help seeking is often at the point of crisis.

Having identified this need, the Somali Community Organisation in collaboration with Community Development Worker – Elicia Mollineau of South West London St. George’s NHS Mental Health Trust (SWLSTG-TR) developed a programme of workshops to address these issues, but delivered in Somali.

Managing Health and Wellbeing for You and Your Family

The workshops are developed to address specific issues and tailored for both Somali men and women to attend. All workshops will be facilitated a Somali health professional and will be delivered based on the following outline:

1. Introduction to Mental Health: Mental Health vs. Mental Health Illness

  • Understanding what is mental health?
  • Understanding what is mental illness?

2. Common Mental Health Problems

3. Understanding Childhood Distress & Mental Health Problems

4. What is IAPT? What services are available in Wandsworth?