About us

SCAO is a registered chartable organisation set up three years ago to help women and children from the Somali community integrate better into current society by identifying their needs. Whether it is helping academically or enhancing skills, SCAO’s aim is to empower the community and increase the competency of the community for a better social and economic integration into UK society.

We assist more than 100 Somali people on average each year including more than 60+ children and 40+ older people.

Our target group breaks down into 2 key spheres :

  • Young Somalis – we want to develop the younger generation to ensure that they have opportunities which their parents did not receive and ensure that the next generations can integrate more effectively into the UK in their quest to gain education, skills and, ultimately, jobs.
  • Older Somalis – we will develop programmes which are specific to best support females and males who are over 60 years and require a range of support from health to living within community life thus alleviating their isolation.


Charity Registration No.: 1127708